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Directing Motion and Inspiring Change: Andy Anderson's Global Sustainability Campaign for Neste

Renowned for his boundless curiosity and infusion of authenticity into each project, Andy Anderson's latest project with Neste, the global leader in sustainable fuels and renewable feedstock solutions, stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to impactful storytelling.

The root of this collaboration holds firm in a shared belief between Andy, Neste and Langrand Agency, that there is power in imagery to inspire change and elevate consciousness. With Neste's mission to promote environmental stewardship resonating deeply with Andy’s own values, the project was poised to transcend borders and speak to audiences on a global scale.

All of the scenes were set in Balboa Park in San Diego but the scope of his vision extended far beyond the park's borders. Recognizing the importance of capturing a narrative that would resonate with people around the world, Andy approached the project with an agnostic perspective, ensuring that the campaign would be able to be used globally. 

Andy believes that collaboration is not merely a means to an end but rather the lifeblood of his creative process. Drawing inspiration from the diverse perspectives of his collaborators, he harnesses the collective energy of the team to breathe life into his vision. In the case of the Neste campaign, this collaborative ethos was evident not only in the shooting process but also in the editing room, where Anderson meticulously crafted each frame he shot along with a bit of stock photography to ensure that the client’s creative vision was brought to life. Through his collaboration with Neste, he invites us to join him on a journey of discovery, one that challenges us to rethink our relationship with the planet and embrace a future built on sustainability and stewardship.



Maria Jernström, Head of Brand and Marketing

Kristina Öström, VP Global Marketing, Branding and Partnerships


Shannon Langrand, Principal, Founder

Spencer Strickland, Creative Director

Jesse Cruze, Associate Creative Director

David Harvey, Associate Creative Director

Monica Haddow, Senior Producer

Jacki Camarillo, Account Director


DP: Cavin Brothers

AC: Jacob Harn

Edit/color: Shane Miller

Sound: Jose Correa