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​​Claire and Jeremy Weiss: Capturing the Unsung Heroes of 21Unified

We are lucky when we work with artists who not only capture moments but also built out narratives. Claire and Jeremy Weiss are a photography duo who have set themselves apart in the industry by shooting the same scenes at the same time, from two different angles to give clients double the content. Their laid-back attitude, combined with a genuine passion for storytelling, has powered their career that spans global photography campaigns, broadcast commercials, documentary work, and ongoing personal projects between commercial jobs.

Recently, they worked on a project with Pine Philly to shoot workers from 21Unified, an organization that unites and advocates for skilled trade workers, employers, and contractors. This project explored these often overlooked individuals who build the world around us. They traveled to construction sites and were given the freedom to roam and document the intricate work being done. The workers, who often labor in the background, are the unsung heroes who make our daily lives safe, comfortable, and functional. Their dedication and craftsmanship often go unnoticed, yet they are the ones who construct the bridges we drive over, install the glass at the massive indoor waterparks our kids love, and put up the wallpaper in our hotel rooms.

While shooting in the worker’s element allowed for authentic imagery, these workers are not used to being the subject of a shoot so Claire and Jeremy tapped into their skills of making people comfortable to show the honesty and pride these workers boast when doing their work. These candid portraits are more than images for a website, but stories of resilience, hard work, and commitment to their work.

Reflecting on their experience, Claire and Jeremy shared, "these men and women do such important jobs that most of us take for granted. How often do you think about who built the bridge you’re driving over, who installed the glass at the massive indoor waterpark your kid talked you into going to, and who put the wallpaper up in your hotel room? We had the incredible opportunity to visit construction sites and document the incredible work being done by these dedicated individuals."

"Every worker we met had a unique story to tell. They are the backbone of our infrastructure, and their dedication keeps our world running smoothly. They deserve recognition, appreciation, and respect. Thank you, Pine and 21Unified, for trusting us to capture these crucial jobs that go unnoticed. We're honored to be a part of this project and to help these unsung heroes receive the recognition they truly deserve."

Claire and Jeremy have reminded us of the importance of recognizing and celebrating those whose work often goes unnoticed. They have given us a glimpse into the world of skilled trade workers, revealing the heart and soul behind the structures that shape our lives. Their work not only captures the beauty in the ordinary but also reminds us of the extraordinary people who make it all possible.