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Maximizing Content and Perspective: The Art of Shooting As a Duo - Insights from Claire and Jeremy Weiss of Day19

The strength of any great partnership lies in the individuals’ abilities to work both cohesively and complementary at the same time. Claire and Jeremy Weiss have been professionally shooting for 15 years and married for longer. They credit their successful partnership both professionally and personally to a harmonious balance of strengths that enhance their dynamic on and off set. 

Shooting as a duo has boosted Day19’s commercial success. This approach not only multiplies the volume of content but also enriches it with diverse perspectives, ensuring that every nuance of the scene is captured. The result is a dynamic and multi-dimensional story that documents the essence of the moment from every possible perspective, providing clients with a wealth of options for their storytelling needs.

These three images are examples of how Claire and Jeremy can capture lots of content from different angles within seconds of each other. Complimentary to the motion that ended up in the final commercial piece. 

What does a client experience on set when shooting with you both?

One of us will shoot the scene from one angle while the other is shooting from a different one. It’s really great because the client can choose from multiple perspectives without adding more time to the shoot. Literal perspectives as well as our individual visual perspectives. When you work with us, you get the male and female perspective of each image which adds value. And, clients appreciate the variety and increased volume of content we can give them.

When we're on set, Jeremy is tethered; connecting directly to the client's monitor, enabling real-time feedback on the images we capture. Meanwhile, I have the freedom to roam, seeking out unique perspectives and capturing moments from angles that might otherwise go unnoticed. This dual approach ensures that while one of us is gathering client input and refining shots based on that guidance, the other can exploit the spontaneity of the shoot, seizing those unguarded, candid moments that add depth and authenticity to our work. Additionally, it gives us the freedom to direct motion while also constantly, without pauses or rests, shooting the stills. This saves an enormous amount of time and makes the whole campaign cohesive. Together, we compile a comprehensive collection of documentary-style imagery, rich in moments viewers can see themselves in or imagine capturing. 

Our partnership extends beyond just our professional collaboration; as a couple, we've honed our ability to communicate without words, perfectly syncing our movements and strategies. This intuitive connection streamlines our process, making our shoot not just productive but harmonious.

You are a synergetic pairing. What do you feel you each bring to set that makes each other better?

Claire: I feel like we're an extrovert-introvert pairing, total opposites, which has been very effective on set. We lead in different ways, which is really helpful for communicating with a crew full of people who respond better or worse to certain kinds of directions. I am a persuader while Jeremy is an analyzer. Acknowledging that we lead in different ways has allowed us to grow in a more productive and professional way.

Jeremy: I'd say Claire's compassion and empathy enhance our dynamic. Her ability to read people and create a welcoming atmosphere elevates our work environment, making collaboration seamless. We both thrive in dynamic situations, feeding off each other's energy and enthusiasm. Whether we're out taking pictures or exploring new places, our shared passion for adventure drives us forward, even as our individual strengths come into play.

You mentioned the importance of having fun on set. How do you create a positive atmosphere, especially during more stressful moments?

Our ability to have fun on set is because of our shared mindset of gratitude and perspective. We know how much of a privilege it is to get to do the thing we love for a living. Because of this, we embrace the unexpected and enjoy the creative process. We want each shoot to be successful and to have a positive atmosphere so we foster a supportive environment for everyone involved.