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In the world of AI, Andy Anderson embraces Genuine Human Emotion for Delta Dental

On every creative call, it’s likely the word authenticity will come up, especially when working in the lifestyle, healthcare or pharmaceutical spaces. In a world filled with AI, deep fakes and filters, it’s important to consumers to see real faces expressing real emotions. How does a photographer ensure authenticity on set? Well, that’s the secret sauce.

Photographer and director Andy Anderson’s decades of experience and vision through curiosity have introduced him to people from all walks of life. From shooting sherpas in Nepal at 17,000 feet to gang members on the south side of Chicago, from buckaroos in Southern Idaho to boxers in Cuba, Andy has met and learned how to capture unique groups of people, so their individuality shines through.

Delta Dental had a campaign in mind with authenticity at the forefront. The campaign required still shots that the brand then turned into a video. So there needed to be a story woven through the still imagery to make an impact through the video. "We wanted to ensure that each moment felt genuine and relatable," Andy explained, “from casting expressive talent to capturing the in-between candid moments, every aspect of the campaign was carefully curated to reflect Delta Dental's message”. Authentic moments cannot be crafted, you have to be present on set, reading each move of the talent in order to capture those special moments that clients want. Though they only had a day to shoot this campaign, through careful planning and experience, Andy and his team brought to life the authentic emotions to bring the campaign to life.