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Celebrating Community: Reflections from Our Art Producer Appreciation Party

The Ace Hotel Lobby was buzzing again, setting just the right vibe to celebrate a special group of people—our creative family. Marianne Campbell and I, threw our 11th annual Art Producer Appreciation Party. More than just marking another year, this party is our way of tipping our hats to the grit and bond of a community whose resilience and unity has thrived through times of both isolation and togetherness. Zoom calls and all.

Eleven years ago, we had no idea the tradition we were starting. Now, here we are, surrounded by friends and colleagues, all of us woven into the wild fabric of this ever-evolving industry! Honestly, the magic that we all create wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of you—your fresh perspectives keep us learning and help push our industry to soar to new levels.

A Testament to Time and Ties

The appreciation party is not just a celebration; it's a testament to the length of time we've been present in New York City. From first-time greetings to now familiar faces, each individual has played a pivotal role in shaping not only our careers but our lives. Art producers are the unsung heroes of the visual world, often working behind the scenes to facilitate the flow of creativity. Their work—our work—is the backbone that supports the grand visions of artists and the pragmatic needs of clients.

Stronger Than Just Business

Over the years, the line between agent and client has softened into a gentle blur. The people, the best part of our job, have led us to strong friendships that transcend transactional relationships. The bonds formed here are powerful because they're forged from mutual respect for one's craft.

When COVID-19 forced the world into a quiet corner, it took away the grandest part of our profession—the human connection. But resilience is a trait well-known to art producers. We all adapted, found solace in the digital realm, and waited for the day we could reunite. And now, as we gather once more, we're reminded of the significance of shared meals, hearty laughs, and the simple act of toasting to one another's health.

Creativity, Collaboration, and Celebration

Our careers have been punctuated by extraordinary collaborations. We've witnessed the genesis of campaigns, seen ideas grow from scribbles on paper to viral ads. Every project has been a mosaic of perspectives, talents, and tireless dedication.

As we look at the photos from our latest gathering, they do more than capture moments in time—they're a mirror to the creativity, challenges, and triumphs we've shared. They remind us that, through thick and thin, the art producer community stands united, supportive, and ever so vibrant.

Here’s to the Future

As we raise our glasses to the next ten years and beyond, we're filled with gratitude for this community. We’ve been invited into a world where work and passion intertwine seamlessly, where friendships are as important as the art we help produce.

Here’s to the art producers—past, present, and future—and the boundless creativity that brings us together. Here's to the laughter, the collaboration, and the camaraderie. And most importantly, here's to you, for being an integral part of this journey.

We are indeed part of a true community—a family we chose and that chose us in return.