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Dear Art Producer with Aggie Ryan; Trends, Unique Projects and the importance of an Artist's Portfolio

In this episode of "Dear Art Producer," our guest is Aggie Ryan, Assistant Producer at Preacher, an advertising agency based in Austin, Texas. Aggie shares her journey from interning at Valiant Pictures in New York to her current role at Preacher, where she's worked on projects for clients like Sport Clips, High Noon, Natalist, Afia, and Footlocker.

One of the highlights of the conversation is Aggie's description of a unique project at Preacher: the Preacher confessional radio station at Willie Nelson's ranch during Lucktoberfest. Aggie explains how they turned an old chapel into a confessional radio booth where festival-goers could confess their sins and have them broadcast to the whole festival. She shares some humorous confessions, like stealing avocados and teaching children curse words, and highlights the fun and unique nature of the project.

Aggie also discusses her role as an assistant producer, her experiences at Valiant Pictures, and the importance of tight timelines in the advertising industry. She emphasizes the value of range in an artist's portfolio and the importance of being adaptable and easy to work with.

In terms of trends, Aggie predicts a rise in social content for advertising and discusses how the agency has embraced AI technology to stay ahead in the industry. 

This episode with Aggie provides insights into the world of advertising production and offers a glimpse into the innovative and creative work happening at Preacher. Listen in! 

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