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Dear Art Producer, Cassie Bull and the Importance of Finding Your Niche

With each episode, Dear Art Producer aims to bridge the gap between the photography and advertising communities, offering invaluable insights and fostering a sense of camaraderie among industry professionals. This week I sat down with Cassie Bull, a Freelance VP, Executive Producer. Cassie has been a producer for over 10 years and is a multidisciplinary producer with a diverse background in photography, animation, and original music/sound with a specialty in Broadcast/Video Production. She started at a small consumer shop and made her way to FCB Health, starting as a Content Producer and working her way to VP and Senior Producer. From there she worked at Area23 until becoming freelance last year. She is currently working with Klick Health and has enjoyed the opportunities and challenges that working freelance presents.

Navigating Career Paths and Transitioning to Freelance Work

Cassie's career in advertising began as a content producer at a small agency, eventually leading her to the role of VP Senior Producer at FCB Health. Now a freelance producer working with Klick Health, Cassie embraces the challenges and opportunities that come with freelance work, highlighting the importance of experience and exploration in finding one's niche in the industry.

The Importance of Partnership and Communication

Throughout the conversation, Cassie emphasizes the significance of partnership and communication in the workplace. She discusses the value of extending a hand in partnership, fostering trust on set, and maintaining open lines of communication and is open about being on sets where orders are simply given and how that usually doesn’t lend itself to a successful shoot.

Connecting with Artists and Reps

We explore the evolving landscape of creative work, including the importance of partnering with the right talent for a project. In a discussion of marketing strategies for artists and reps, she focuses on inclusivity and representation, where she expresses a desire to see more work from underrepresented communities and new talent on rep rosters.

Email Marketing and Portfolio Sharing

Cassie talks about how email marketing plays a crucial role in staying connected and sharing updates. We discuss the responsibility to make email marketing interesting and relevant, especially in the absence of in-person events. Cassie shares insights on organizing portfolios and meticulously curating content for sharing with creative teams.

Creative Calls, Treatments, and Industry Trends

We talk about the push and pull of the importance of treatments when it comes to landing cannot avoid talking about the importance of treatments in landing jobs. They discuss the value of clear communication styles and the need for artists to have the opportunity to share their perspectives during creative calls. Looking ahead, they explore industry trends and offer tips for photographers, emphasizing the importance of embracing the present moment.

Embracing the Journey

As the conversation draws to a close, Cassie shares her favorite Sunday activities and reflects on her openness to various career options in the future. Her insights and experiences offer a glimpse into the world of freelance production, inspiring listeners to embrace their own journey in the creative industry.

Cassie's insights provide valuable perspectives for both photographers and art producers. To hear the full conversation and learn more about Cassie’s journey and expertise, be sure to listen to the complete episode on Dear Art Producer podcast. And be sure to subscribe to stay tuned for more engaging conversations with industry professionals.

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