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Dear Art Producer, Aragorn Fenton, and Why Documentary Style Production Is as Relevant as Ever

Dear Art Producer episode 77 is here and this week, Head of Production at Motive, Aragorn Fenton, joins Heather as our guest. Aragorn works across a wide range of formats, including video, stills and animation. His career began in Australia and moved to the U.S. 7 years ago. His clients include Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Ruffles, Activa, Horizon, Burger King and Ram. 

Heather and Aragorn talk about his initial interest in documentary production and filmmaking, how he’s known to be a straight-shooter, what his role involves, producers that do more than just transfer information and remote shooting. They also discuss building and confirming crews, how to make production consultants your partners, paying for treatments and the selection process. 

"I actually think that advertising is moving in the direction of real stories and real people stories, and I would like to see a world where that becomes the basis of brands using their voice to tell some of the great stories in the world."

Aragorn Fenton

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