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Dear Art Producer, From Corners of Creativity to the Heart of Production: Madi Nauta

With each episode, Dear Art Producer aims to bridge the gap between the photography and advertising communities, offering invaluable insights and fostering a sense of camaraderie among industry professionals. This week I sat down with Madi Nauta, an Art Producer at Anomaly in Los Angeles. Madi has spent most of her production career at Media Arts Lab working on Apple but recently moved to Anomaly to work on Liquid IV, Zazzle, and Hoka!  Her story is one of passion, perseverance, and the power of embracing opportunities. Keep reading to learn a bit more about what we discuss, but be sure to listen to the full episode to hear all of the insights that Madi shares with us. 


Stills Production and Budgeting
At Anomaly, Madi's role as an art producer involves managing stills production projects, often working with clients who are new to the process. As we talk about how she and her team approach production, she emphasized the importance of clear communication and managing client expectations, especially regarding budgets and timelines.

Marketing and Social Media Strategies
Madi shares how she prefers to communicate with both clients and creative teams. She emphasized the importance of email over other channels like LinkedIn and also shared insights into using Instagram to discover new artists and photographers. The role of algorithms came up and she highlighted how important it is to try to work with the algorithm to get more engagement.

Photographer Preferences and Creative Calls
With a preference for simple, direct emails from photographers, with clear calls to action, Madi loves to engage with artists and learn about their working style. She often participates in portfolio reviews and says that creative calls build connections and understanding of the photographer's style and personality.

Treatments and Client Presentations
We all know how important treatments are, but both Madi and I acknowledged the challenges of the current bidding process. We touched on the importance of providing constructive feedback to artists to help them improve their work.

Collaboration and Creativity
Madi highlighted the importance of collaboration between producers, photographers, and creatives in creating successful projects. Her favorite projects have been those that included a solid, collaborative team, working together to bring the client’s vision to life.

Madi's insights provide valuable perspectives for both photographers and art producers. To hear the full conversation and learn more about Madi's journey and expertise, be sure to listen to the complete episode on Dear Art Producer podcast. And be sure to subscribe to stay tuned for more engaging conversations with industry professionals.

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