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Dear Art Producer, Collaborative Creativity with Pete Anderson and Robyn Swierk

In this episode of Dear Art Producer, Heather Elder, is joined by Robyn Swierk, the Senior Creative Program Manager, and Pete Anderson, the Global Video Lead, both from FreshWorks During the discussion, Robyn and Pete share their roles at FreshWorks, their workflow, how they engage with artists for projects, as well as tips for how artists can effectively pitch their work. They also reveal their predictions for the remainder of 2023 and share their dream jobs. Listen in for valuable insights into the creative process at FreshWorks. Stay tuned for more episodes of Dear Art Producer, bringing you the inside scoop on the enthralling world of creative production.

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This weekly series shares conversations with Art Producers in Advertising, where together we can envision the future for this industry and take steps forward as a community. If you are interested in being on the podcast, please email me at Heather@Heatherelder.com – we are still recording episodes. And if you like the podcast, please consider sharing it on social media and leaving an iTunes review. We would love help spreading the word.