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Dear Art Producer: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Dear Art Producer with Sandra Gomez

On this 100th episode, we are joined by Sandra Gomez, Senior VP and Group Director in Creative Production at FCB Health!

Sandra Gomez's journey into the advertising world began as a production assistant at a small marketing company. Her passion for illustration and photography led her to embrace the role of a creative production assistant at a large agency, where she gained experience in the art of crafting tangible, creative productions.

As her career progressed, Sandra transitioned into print production, focusing on manufacturing and managing collateral print deliverables for various industries. Her career took her to her current role at FCB Health, an IPG health company, where she leads a team of creative producers and licensing specialists working across the healthcare space.

In her role as Senior VP Group Director, Sandra emphasizes the importance of creating a strong and supportive team. Her team's approachability, collaboration, and collective focus on craft enable them to produce impactful and thoughtful work. Their deep passion for the creative output and craft shines through in their dedication to each project.

Sandra Gomez's career and insights highlight the importance of purpose, collaboration, and continuous learning in the industry and this conversation serves as a valuable resource for professionals seeking inspiration and knowledge in the ever-evolving world of creative production.

"The deep passion our producers have for creative output and craft is what I value most about this job. If you ask any of the producers, they will probably say a favorite part of their job is viewing work from artists they’ve worked with for years and discovering new ones. They have deep appreciation for all that goes into being considered for projects, and do their best to pair artist to campaign, articulating as much detail as possible to outline goals for a campaign, and all the intricacies needed for bidding accurately." - Sandra Gomez

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