Heather Elder Represents
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Heather Elder Represents is Hiring an In-House Producer

About Heather Elder Represents

Heather Elder Represents is a boutique artist management company, representing 12 artists, who provide photography and motion services for the advertising industry. 

The Role

Heather Elder Represents is seeking a full-time in-house Producer and Rep. This position will be fully remote with the ability to work from anywhere but preferably near a large city such as NYC or LA but this is not required. 

Description of the Job

The in-house producer role requires working closely with the individual artists to determine the best approach for the stills and/or motion shoot, assemble the best possible team, create the budget, review the artist’s treatment and present the strongest estimate and treatment to the client.  This person will ensure that each job is produced professionally and creatively and managed properly to fit within the budget. They will also be responsible for reviewing all job related legal contracts, creating and managing all billing, managing cash flow and generating financial reports as requested.

The rep role requires working closely with the artist and outside producer (when not producing the shoot in-house) to determine the best approach for a project, create the estimate, review the treatment and present the bid and treatment to the client.  This person will manage a project from start to finish; translating clients’ needs to artists and team and vice versa and ensuring clear communication and expectations are established leading up to the production.  During production, they will be available for client and artist requests as needed.  They will also be responsible for reviewing all job related legal contracts, creating and managing all billing (if managed through our office). As a sales person, this role will require strong relationship building abilities, and initiative to reach out to new clients for job opportunities.


Heather Elder Represents, is a closely knit team that depends on the group to work together to manage work flow. This position reports to the owner, Heather Elder, and is supported by one other senior rep and one marketing associate as well as outside producers as needed.


Full Service Production for in-house photographers/directors

  • Collaborate with artists and vendors to create highly detailed and complex estimates

  • Be able to effectively communicate logistics and shoot strategies with artists, clients, crew and vendors

  • Responsible for hiring all crew and vendors appropriately; including employees and loan outs through payroll and managing entire process from onboarding, timecards to payment.  This includes hiring independent contractors and securing appropriate paperwork.

  • Create pre production books, shoot schedules and call sheets

  • Manage Production Coordinator to help with daily tasks as needed

  • Manage all cash flow, payments and invoicing on each project

  • Create wrapbook and final invoice with all invoices and receipts from all crew and vendors hired and deliver to client within two weeks of wrapping the job. 

  • Track with and follow current Covid protocols

  • Ability to travel to each shoot nationwide and potentially worldwide

  • Maintain database of vendors


  • Coordinate billing on behalf of artists, including vendor setup with client and invoicing. Assemble final billing with backup as needed and deliver to client within two weeks of wrapping the job.

  • Maintain + create Artist Statements re: billing and when they’ll get paid

  • Manage cash flow and coordinate artist and vendor payments

  • Generate monthly financial reports

  • Knowledge and experience with Quickbooks to create projects for each shoot being produced, categorize and classify expenses accordingly and create invoices for production advances and final payments

  • Work closely with bookkeeper to ensure all vendors receive 1099’s

  • Manage production bank account cash flow, credit card spend and payments


  • Manage client communication from inquiry, creative calls, bidding, pre production and wrap up

  • Clearly articulate and describe job needs to photographer and producer

  • Create estimates on behalf of photographer and producer

  • Review treatments and provide feedback

  • Contribute to CRM organization through Salesforce by inputting sales opportunity information, organizing sales opportunities and bidding workflow and updating client and company contact cards

  • Work closely with legal counsel to ensure all contracts with clients and vendors are legally accurate 

  • Understand process of client outreach and partner with other reps to engage clients on behalf of artists

Critical Competencies

  • Overall familiarity with the commercial photography industry and production is a must with a minimum of 3-5 years of experience 

  • Ability to travel on productions and work from anywhere

  • Open to meeting new people and developing relationships and friendships easily

  • Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort

  • Organizes, plans and schedules in an efficient and productive manner

  • Learns quickly and demonstrates the ability to understand and absorb new information

  • Does not let important details fall through the cracks• Acts without being told what to do and brings new ideas to the company

  • Takes responsibility for mistakes when needed and open minded to feedback

  • Adjusts quickly to changing priorities and copes effectively with complexity and change

  • Exhibits passion and excitement over work.  Has a can-do attitude.

  • Speaks and writes clearly and articulately without being overly verbose and talkative and maintains this standard in all forms of written communications including email

  • Comfortable and experienced with communicating to clients, vendors and co-workers through video conferencing

  • Experience with Google Drive + Microsoft Office Suite. Knowledge of Salesforce and BlinkBid is a plus but not required.

  • Ability to work with a small office with the understanding that there are last-minute deadlines and pressures that could derail a current  project and therefore would need to be able to take initiative to move the project along on their own

  • Strong contact list of vendors

  • Values community and education and understands that the industry is constantly changing so it is important to have an open mind and look for ways to continue to be relevant


  • Salary is based on experience level

  • Opportunity for bonus

  • After one year (12-months) of employment, employee is eligible for 401K which includes a 3% Employer Contribution

  • Three week paid vacation, federal holidays and the week between Christmas and New Year

  • Healthcare options considered


All applicants please email: [email protected] Please send your resume, salary requirements, and any other relevant material for review.