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Fearless, Dreamer, and Taking a Long Shot: Zach Anderson's Imagery Helps to Define 33.9Original's Brand Identity

When our photographers are shooting personal work, it’s an opportunity not only to explore their own interests and how they intersect with their artistry but also to open up opportunities to license their work in the future. Zach Anderson is a photographer and director whose imagery is full of the fresh faces of his friends and peers, who always seem to find themselves at music festivals with of-the-moment bands and artists, bars with dreamy interiors, and enjoying abundant nature in all corners of the country. Reflecting the free-spirit nature of their generation, his imagery remains current. 


A new sneaker brand, 33.9Original, needed imagery for promotional posters and social media and worked with agency Baker and Bonner to select images that embodied the words of their brand identity; fearless, dreamer, and believing in the long shot. Knowing Zach’s work from previous jobs. Baker and Bonner reached out to use his images for the hero shots of the posters.