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Music and Community: Zach Anderson’s Trip to Coachella

Music has always been a part of Zach Anderson’s life. Growing up, he was drawn to the indie music scene and found inspiration from both the music and culture surrounding it. The emotional resonance of the music, similar to photography, tells a story for the listener to interpret and connect with. 

As a photographer, Zach uses his imagery to storytell and often uses his friends, a tight-knit community of creative minds, as subjects. He continues to draw inspiration from music and a big part of that is attending festivals around the country. He recently road-tripped from his home in Boise, ID to Indio, CA with his friends to see some of the top bands, DJs and artists in the world.

The vibrant energy and excitement of the festival led to shots rich with color and full of effervescent people, bonded through their love of art and music. In between and during the numerous sets, Zach captured the spirit of the festival and highlighted the high-end production value of the performances. This work is a testament to the power of art and community to inspire, connect and uplift.